Free Radio has not only helped promote new music, but has also helped make a difference in communities across America!

In 2005 alone, American television and radio stations donated $10.3 billion in the form of free airtime for public service announcements and life-saving disaster information, direct contributions and fundraising drives.

Public Service Announcement Campaigns
Public service announcements (PSAs) are run free of charge on broadcast stations across America. If the proposed performance tax were passed, radio stations might no longer be able to afford to donate as much air time – air time that benefits so many in the community. In 2005, the average radio station ran 169 PSAs per week, with a projected value of $5.05 billion in donated airtime.

The Ad Council has this to say about the difference PSA campaigns make:

  • Applications for Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors soared from 90,000 a year to 620,000 in nine months, a seven-fold increase in the number of inquiries to Big Brothers/Big Sisters agencies.
  • Since 1972, The United Negro College Fund campaign has helped the organization raise more than $2.2 billion to graduate 350,000 minority students from college with the help of the “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” slogan.
  • Ready.gov received more than 18 million unique visitors within the first ten months of the launch of the Department of Homeland Security’s preparedness campaign.
  • Destruction of our forests by wildfires has been reduced from 22 million acres to less than 8.4 million acres per year, since the Ad Council’s Forest Fire Prevention Campaign began.

Radio in your community
Radio makes contributions to your community, too. Download the National Association of Broadcasters’ National Report on Broadcasters’ Community Service to find out more!